Life seems to be getting harder for the students of Iloilo.

The government of Iloilo City is getting worried with continuous reports regarding “survival sex” involving students and minors.

survival sex in iloilo

Local media reported that Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog has been receiving reports that many students have been entering lodging houses and motels in the said city.  The same report has reached Professor Ma. Rosario Victoria de Guzman of West Visayas State University.

Apparently, several taxi drivers have revealed that most of the passengers they have dropped off at motels are students who are still in their uniform. According to them, the students are engaged in what seems to be a “survival sex” with “clients” in exchange for money that they can use for tuition fee or sometimes “pambili ng luho sa katawan.”

Reports also revealed that for students to get “clients”, they would write their contact number in a tissue paper and leave it in a certain place.

With these alarming issue, the Committee on Moral Recovery of Iloilo City Council will be conducting an investigation.

Meanwhile, residents of the said city are requesting for a prompt action especially that most motels and lodging houses in Iloilo are not strict in allowing minors to get inside.



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