In what can only be described as perhaps the Philippine version of Fight Club, an event spearheaded by a Facebook Page is getting a lot of attention.

Dubbed as Suntukan sa Ace Hardware (Fistfight in Ace Hardware), the event that is set on April 15, 3:00 PM at the Ace Hardware, SM City, Lucena has gone viral. It already has 11,000 interested individuals and 13,000 confirmed attendees as of this writing. Of course confirmed attendees in a Facebook event doesn’t really mean much, but the sheer number of interest on the event raises a few questions:

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Who is going to fight who?
What are the rules?
Is this a bare fistfight?
Are there gloves on?

There are questions however that some of the attendees graciously answered.

A lost attendee tried to get some enlightenment… Nag-apply ng leave para sa suntukan sa ace hardware

Who will be the round girl? round girl suntukan sa ace hardware What about intermission number?gaano katagal ang event suntukan sa ace hardwareA generic hugot question.Alin ang pinakamasakit suntukan sa ace hardware This guy is after musical score. Anong magiging background Suntukan sa Ace HardwareIf the event fails? Where would you go?Where to go if event is cancelled suntukan sa ace hardware

Ace Hardware (Not the store in story) / Wikimedia
Ace Hardware (Not the store in story) / Wikimedia

A netizen on the other hand confirmed the speculation that Ace Hardware has no knowledge of the planned event.

Ace Hardware AnswersIt might just be a troll event, it might be not. But there’s a bigger question here, do you know the first, second, third and fourth rules?

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