Volgograd, Russia – As Russia prepares to host incoming Winter Olympics, another deadly bombing just happened on Sunday, caused by a suicide bomber in the entrance hall of the Volgograd station, immediately killing 16 in the explosion.

Reporters say that a bomb filled with shrapnel has been detonated exactly in front of the metal detector inside the main entrance of the station in Volgograd, situated as a busy center just above of North Caucasus region on Russian Southern fringe.

Series of attack from the Islamic militia up North Caucasus came up since Vladimir Putin handled the country way back year 2000. Now, they face another set of attacks, obviously to threaten security of the incoming Winter Olympics that would commence in Black Sea resort of Sochi in 40 days.

CCTV cameras captured the very moment of the blast, later on puffing out grey obnoxious smoke from the shattered windows.

An explosion at a railway station in Volgograd in Southern Russia kills 13 people and injures six ot

Alexander Koblyakov, a witness, said: “People were lying on the ground, screaming and calling for help.” He told Rossiya-24 TV, “I helped carry out a police officer whose head and face were covered in blood. He couldn’t speak.”

volgograd explosion

Initially, as the Federal Investigative Committee and officials stated, a female suicide bomber triggered the bomb in her after looking suspicious in the security’s sight. The photo of the woman’s head was posted on Life News, a Russian website shared to security agencies.

Authorities claim she is a widow of two militants who were killed by Russian security forces. Presumably, investigators claim a reason of retaliation because of “Black Widows” on Moscow incidents 2002 and 2010. But later on, Investigative Committee spokesperson Vladimir Markin said a man accomplice could have triggered the bomb remotely and bombs were just carried by the woman.

Deputy Head of the Veterans’ Association of the Elite Alfa Anti-Terrorism Unit Alexei Filatov said, “We can expect more such attacks. The threat is greatest now because it is when terrorists can make the biggest impression. The security measures were beefed up long ago around Sochi, so terrorists will strike instead in these nearby cities like Volgograd.”

Markin on the other hand, said 16 died including two who passed away in the hospital. While the government put the death toll on the same 16 but does not include the suicide bomber.

Source: SolarNews