A man has successfully bought Google.com - the domain name for the world's most popular website - for just $12.

We all know Google. It is the number one search engine site that we grew to love and hate, but now can’t live without.

It is also among the most popular and most used domain names in the world.

But what if you get to own the domain “Google.com”?

Well, a student was able to do that. In Boston, Massachusetts, a graduate student was able to purchase the world’s most heavily trafficked website-for a measly $12.

According to the Boston Globe, Sanmay Ved of Babson College believed that he purchased the internet domain “Google.com” for $12 while using the Google Domains website registration last year. A former Google employee, Dev documented his journey to owning the domain name, from registering and paying for it, until his order was verified, his credit card charged, and receiving email confirmation.

However, it was only a minute after the confirmation when Ved was informed that his order was cancelled, and it was due to a bug that he was able to buy the said domain. Due to his discovery, Ved was given $6,0006.13 as a reward. Google later doubled the money after finding out that Ved donated the reward to charity.

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