Burning Phosphorus
Image source: www.angelo.edu

Four people suffered from second degree burn at a beach in Tacloban after a supposed stone suddenly turned into fire around noontime, August 21, 2017.

According to a post made by the victim, Darlene Joyce Estacion, they picked up the stone from the water and saw it creating a smoke despite being wet. So out of curiosity, they brought it with them.

Estacion later saw the stone creating more smoke while it was in contact with a plastic bag. As she pulled the plastic bag, the stone flared with fire burning some parts of her body and her three other companions including her baby.

Posted by Darlene Joyce Estacion on domingo, 20 de agosto de 2017

The stone is said to be a chemical called white phosphorus which was used by soldiers during world war II for their mortars and bombs. The said chemical creates fire when exposed to air.

Locals said the stone is common in their place and is usually found under the water. They called it “Smoke” because of its smoking property.

The victims were given first aid and were brought to the nearest hospital for immediate treatment.


Report by: Jhonpaul Lacson, Bill Germinal

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