Anybody dare to try a shot of “snake wine”?

Well, the controversial beverage is making its rounds online these days, mainly due to a video uploaded on YouTube which features a snake being fermented on a vat of rice wine so it can be fermented and processed as special concoction. The said drink claims to cure various medical maladies, and is actually common in China.

The concoction is often made not as a beverage per se, but rather a form of traditional medicine for various medical conditions. In this process however, a live snake is drowned in a vat of alcohol as part of the fermentation process, which takes about several months to complete. The snake would try to escape his fate by struggling to get out of the vat, but to no avail.

The processed wine is then sealed in a bottle, sometimes with the snake in it.

According to various sources, snake wine is used for different conditions, including nearsightedness and hair loss. It is also regarded as an effective aphrodisiac. It cannot be taken in large doses, though experts in Chinese traditional medicine say that just like all other medications, too much of snake wine may also cause serious side effects to the body.


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