Stupid – one word that can stir an argument between two people.

That seems to be the case when two passengers argued inside a bus, as showed in a 5-minute video.

In a Facebook post by Jona Carbonel who witnessed the incident first hand, it can be seen that a man was shouting and pointing his fingers on a woman. Apparently, the man got angry when the woman called the bus driver stupid.

The man defended the driver and started uttering expletives. The woman didn’t have a chance to explain as it appeared that the man has control over their argument, until their squabble led to Filipino stereotyping.

On 0:24 mark, the woman said “you think i am a Filipino?”

It wasn’t clear what the man has responded but the woman went on to defend the Filipinos. The racism just fueled their argument to the point that they were not aware that they are being recorded.

According to Jona Carbonel, the video uploader, it is still unknown if the woman is a Filipina since she didn’t admit to being one. However, we are certain that the guy is a Singaporean.

But regardless of their argument or what cause their debate, it is worth noting how someone is willing to defend the Filipinos even in a foreign country.

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