PMA graduates are always anticipated since they are groomed to be the generation’s heroes, but for this year, only 63 cadets will be walking up the stage to receive their diplomas.

The “Gabay Laya” Class of 2016 is seen to be one of the smallest batches in the history of PMA.

According to PMA spokesperson Lt. Col. Rey Balido, the graduates were cut down to just 663 because of “normal causes of attrition like academics and violation of cadet regulations, including the honor code” during the four-year training.

The prestigious academy admitted 104 cadets for the “Gabay Laya” class, unlike in the previous years in which the admitted cadets are at least 300. The Class of 2017 currently has 300 cadets, said Balido.

The Class of 2016 is a small batch also because the academy wanted to get the “physically and mentally fit” for training, added Major General Nonato Peralta, PMA superintendent in 2012.

The graduation rites of the PMA Class of 2016 is set tentatively on 13 March, but is still subject to the availability of its guest of honor, President Benigno Aquino III. The graduates will be commissioned as second lieutenants and ensigns.

Back in 1970, only 65 cadets graduated from the PMA; on the other hand, only around 20 cadets were able to finish their training back in the ‘60s.


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