It has been a tradition in the Philippines to re-enact the Way of the Cross during Holy Week, but there’s a fine line between “penitence” and public assault.

In this video making rounds in social media, it is seen that a number of men doing a re-enactment of Christ’s carrying of the cross are being whipped mercilessly by the surrounding people who are supposed to assist them in the event.

The men carrying the cross were made to run fast with a heavy burden on their backs while being whipped hard on the different parts of the body. The worse part here is that those who are whipping them are laughing as if they were having fun with something that is totally wrong to begin with.

One of the men carrying the cross eventually slipped and fell off his back while being hit with a paddle.

The faces of the men who were brutally beaten in public in this so-called “penitensya” were covered, thus they cannot be identified yet. The perpetrators meanwhile also have not been named yet.

What do you think of this “penitensya”? Is this fair and just, or a downright play on human assault? Should those who joined in the mob whipping be arrested?

Your thoughts on this, please!

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