MANILA-Philippine senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, known for her feistiness, brilliance and recently her staunch support for the controversial Reproductive Health (RH) bill, may be just candid on her view on “love and loss” and how it would “transform” people, but for some people in this Roman Catholic-dominated country, the former’s view have also raised eye-brows–and surprisingly, acceptance.

Senator Miriam Santiago
Senator Miriam Santiago


On Korina Sanchez’s latest edition of her popular TV show, the lady senator was asked on whether she believes that “people are defined by how they are transformed by either love or loss,” this also in connection to the senator’s personal tragic experience of losing her youngest son, the 22 years old Alexander Robert, who died on a suicide in 2003.

“ Oh Absolutely…those were life-defining…it has changed the way I see the world. I don’t understand why God can be all-love and still inflict this kind of pain on people.”

“This God is an under-achiever. He doesn’t do what he is supposed to be doing whatever his sex is, whether it’s an ‘It’ or a ‘He’ or a ‘She’ or whatever. But I’m sure that if you are a God or I were ‘The’ God, I’ll be doing a better job. Therefore the only conclusion can be that possibly God doesn’t exist,” came the senator’s remarks.

As video clip of the interview was posted and shared in social media, reactions also flooded in.

Jasonkiksy: This is a complete blasphemy!

Manuel Quiñones Kee: Something’s wrong with her.

Rey-an Doydora says: I believe the best senator is just expressing her views… Commend her for saying God does not exist… It is rare to find someone who isn’t afraid of religion or whatever people have to say about their God… As you can see, she just answered the question, the last thing she need is to seek for attention… I am born a Christian, went to a Christian school, and there is only one thing I will never forget, “you can never fathom God’s wisdom”… Definitely, it is not for us to judge someone.

Judd Romano: Come on… She’s senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago. I voted for her not for her religious inclination (or lack thereof), but for her excellence and finesse in the field of law, which is what this nation needs. I’m a Catholic and I don’t find this statement of hers offensive. We are supposed to be a free country where everyone is entitled their own opinions and personal beliefs. We put people in office irregardless of them being Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Taoists, Jews, Atheists, or even coconut-tree-worshipers. Having said this does not demean her as being one of our best senators on her way to becoming a judge in the international criminal court….

Helen Julien Delos Santos : Open your eyes people! She’s just being realistic! I agree if I were “God” I would make the world a better place and I wouldn’t let innocent children die in wars and starve in Africa as what Frank Zappa said, the mind is like a parachute, it doesn’t work when it’s not open.

Richard Cawaling: Only in the Philippines .

Maria Vicenta Sibi: What happen to the world, it’s getting worst….

Ronald Gutlay: I pity you, Sen. Santiago, you may have everything but in reality you have nothing, God without man, He is still God; but man without God, man is nothing. You don’t question the Love of God, He gave His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ so that we can have life, and hope.

Ricardo Boncan: Miriam’s pride is so high that god has to be someone she can fully grasp and understand. She makes god out akin to a concierge or a butler, but then the fallaciousness of that argument is that a god whom we can grasp fully with our minds is not really a transcendent being. Divine revelation is replete with words to the effect that God’s ways and mind are not man’s ways and mind. At the end of the day, it’s pride!

Rhiana Jay: Good luck with that judgment, Sen. Miriam. I’ve encountered so many pains in my life, I’ve been inflicted with so many of them yet I come out stronger and wiser than I was before and I know God is not the one who inflicted me with those pains. It’s a result of the things I can and can’t control. As a human, I sometimes question my faith but through it all I know God exist. At the end of your days, your soul is the most important, not your intelligence, not the materials things that you have, not the power to control the masses. It is your soul that you should save and if you don’t have that anymore then I understand where you’re coming from.

Bakamadapaka Po: God hides the truth from the intellect and reveals it with the humble.

Rowel Allan Rocaberte: The Renewal of Vows at the Manila Cathedral was just a joke. She doesn’t believe in God, she did not mean at all her renewal. It was just a show (in reference to the senator’s renewal of vow with her husband after 40 years in marriage).

Winston Bundy Lightz: Religion is an open-ended topic…Respect what she believed, that’s her point of view. She just answered the question with honesty, unlike other politician who always spout sugar coated words just to please anybody. She’s not a senator because she’s a Catholic; people voted her because they believe in her. Hats off senator!

Norman Biola: Praying that the good senator will be enlightened. Not everything is based on logic. Faith, most of the time, is anchored on things you do not see. God bless you with wisdom beyond intelligence, Sen Santiago.

Sen. Santiago, now a judge-elect of the International Criminal Court in Netherlands , is also a constitutionalist, and a Ramon Magsaysay awardee for government service. She once ran as president of the Philippines yet was lost.