Not long after being the subject of a British tourist saying it was where she spent the “worst 5 days” of her life, El Nido is once again the setting of another traveller’s mishap-this time a Dutch tourist lost her camera in the famous Philippine destination.

But there is still room for us to save Palawan’s gem from being a tourist’s nightmare.

Inge Brouwer took to Facebook just two days ago to ask for help from netizens to help her find her black Nikon Coolpix s9900 camera, which was lost while traveling in El Nido. She says the SD card of the camera contains photos of three months’ worth of travel, including Vietnam and China.

She says that during her travel she was able to take photos of famous Asian destinations, including the Yunnan Rice Terraces, the blue lakes of Jiuzhaigou, the Tiger Leap Gorge, pandas, and a bit of Hong Kong’s urban landscapes. While she didn’t stress so much on the camera, it is the SD card that she wants to retrieve, as it contains all the photos she has taken.

Spreading the word about her lost camera and helping her find it would not only Inge happy-it would also help boost El Nido’s reputation as a tourist-friendly destination, contrary to reviews previous foreign visitors have been saying these days.

And yes, this is our chance to restore the faith in Filipino values, so it’s best that we start helping Inge.




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