“Ano bang meron at sa saradong tindahan at dun nagpapapicture?!” #SaradongTindahan This is now the new 64-million-dollar question making its rounds across the Filipino online universe. In this country that’s so addicted to taking photos, selfie-crazed peeps of all ages now have a new favorite backdrop: closed stores and roll-up doors.

Marcuscane Rollupbackground
Roll-up Background Yoimdgc
Image from @yoimdgc twitter



The trend hit the Twitterverse over the weekend, and this only fuelled the hype with netizens posting their own versions of the said type of shot. But why exactly is this backdrop earning the love?

  1. Closed stores (Saradong Tindahan) offer a sense of unique history to the background space.

We all want to be unique in our photos, and to pose in front of a run-down store just gives that kind of originality without actually trying hard. And yes, the history of the background oozes out of the photo, making the whole shot even more surreal.

  1. It makes you look like you’re on an album cover.

The roll-up doors give that decorative blank space. Just a few edits and filters, you already have an artsy, contemporary art for your upcoming album cover.

  1. The backdrop is not hard to find!

Unlike a beach selfie where you actually have to go to the beach, closed door backdrops are not hard to find. STROLL AROUND THE DOWNTOWN ON A SUNDAY and the first closed establishment you’ll see is already the perfect spot. And yes, the more local the store, the better.

  1. Always the perfect lighting.

The sunshine offers the best lighting for the #rollupdoor or the #closedstore photo shoot, and you don’t have to work on a particular angle just to get a good shot. Easy breezy!

  1. It has already been a favourite among high fashion magazines.

Photo spreads of today’s high fashion magazines have been using this backdrop for years-only that they’re based in London, Paris and New York. So with this kind of backdrop gives you the #highfashion feelz!

Photo credit: @IraMariano

And here’s the writer’s take on the trend, way before it started! (Taken on September 2015)


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