US Jobs IILos Angeles, Calif.-To help fresh graduates find jobs right after completing their education, offers a social media platform where they can get in touch with potential employers and connect with them in real time.

The problem of increasing unemployment is still on a roll, and this is mainly because of employers and aspiring employees not finding each other in a common ground. One issue coming from fresh graduates is that they couldn’t find the jobs that match their expertise; on the other hand, companies say that most of their applicants do not meet their specific requirements, resulting to available positions staying vacant for a longer period of time. aims to eliminate this issue by setting up a social media platform that caters to the needs of both employers and individuals looking for work. By being able to create a network online, aspiring employees get to meet and link up with the companies they want to work with, and showcase what they have to offer right on the spot.

There are many benefits brought up by the social network platform set up by Among these features that fresh grads can use is its profile page, which they can convert into an online resume and portfolio. This is very important especially to those who are on the lookout for employment at the soonest possible time, as by being visible online they become more attractive to companies who are at the same time offering available job positions that they may want to fill in.

Another feature that fresh grads would be able to utilize on is the community updates. Just like in any other social network, has a newsfeed in which members can check out the latest activities on their connections and other active participants, including member employers, employment experts, and other individuals looking for jobs.

Through this news feed updates, members get to see and link up to the opportunities that pop on their screen. They no longer get to waste precious time preparing emails or attaching portfolios as they do on the regular online job boards, as their profile serves that purpose. All they have to do is click on those available job posts and submit their application on the platform itself.

The features of also benefits companies and employers who happen to be registered on the social network’s platform. First, employers are able to find a community of aspiring employees whom they could hire based on interest, specialization and profile information.

Employers are also able to save time screening every application submitted to them, as they can filter out those that match the keywords that they have indicated on their job posts. They can just review the applicants’ member profiles and see whether these fit in with the qualifications that they have indicated. This is feature proves to be very convenient to employers as they now have the better hand in selecting the employees they both need and want.

Another feature which benefits both employers and employees is the creation of groups within the network framework. Members can build sub-groups and update each other on the latest employment trends based on their interests and specializations. Employers can then post info about job openings in their companies, while experts can send in tips and articles that can help both employers and applicants.

Most of all, applicants are able to find ideas in improving their chances of landing on their dream job from actual experts and companies themselves. With secret tips and details made available in this platform, applicants may use these to boost their chances in getting the kind of job they like. establishes a social connection between applicants and employers, which is highly essential for them to build good relationships later on. Applicants get to know the companies they want to work for in a deeper level, while employers are able to see through their applicants’ goals and attitudes. is not only open to fresh grads, but as well as to other individuals who are looking for better employment. At any rate, members not only get to establish an online presence, but more importantly find more options they can take when pursuing the expertise that they studied hard while in school.