Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg just gave internet users a real treat after hosting an hour-long and live Q&A session in Facebook.

The fourteenth richest person in the world invited his fans and followers to ask whatever questions they have in mind.

mark zuckerberg q& a

Here are some of the questions Zuckerberg has answered:

1. On the benefits of connecting two thirds of the world that don’t currently have access to the internet:

q&a 1

2. Hollywood star Shakira asked how technology can be best used as an educational tool:

q&a 2

3. On money transfer with Facebook:

q&a 3

4. On his vision of Oculus:

q&a 4

5. The required bandwidth for Facebook to continue operating:

q&a 5

6. On how many hours Zuckerberg works a day:

q&a 6

7. On Facebook having sarcasm button:

q&a 7

8. On the kind of book he reads:

q&a 8

9. His opinion on net neutrality:

q&a 9

10. On expanding internet.org in Europe:

q&a 10

11. His secret to success:

q&a 11

12. His tips for learning Mandarin:

q&a 12

13. If Facebook hinders face to face communication skills:

q&a 13

14. His 10 million dollar donation:

q&a 14

After the one hour Q&A session, the social media giant’s CEO thanked everyone who participated and promised to have more Q&A in the future.

mark zuckerberg to fans

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