When you are wearing school uniform and an ID, you are somehow expected to be well-mannered. But it seems that a certain student of Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) didn’t receive the memo.

In a viral Facebook post, alleged student of PUP made a scene while riding a jeepney bound to Cubao from SM Centerpoint. The guy who posted the message along with a photo narrated how a usual ride turned into a fight between him and the “lovers in the jeepney.”

Here is the post screenshot from the guy who complained via Social Media about the “Jeep Sampalan Incident”:

PUP Jeep Fight 1

PUP Jeep Fight 2

He said that a lady, seated next to her boyfriend, refused to lend him a seat inside the public vehicle though there is still enough space for one passenger. Knowing the situation at hand, he exclaimed: “grabe di marunong makatunog.”

With that, the lady answered back by saying, “Saan mo kami pauusugin? Pakakandungin mo ako sa boyfriend ko?”

Their verbal fight continued until the student said, “PUP ako nag aaral! Engineering!”

Their encounter even came to a point when both parties took pictures of each other. The guy said that it was the girl who took pictures first, he even mocked her by saying “Miss tag mo nalang ako ha?” To get even, he also took a picture of the said lover which he later uploaded into Facebook.

The netizen thought that his verbal fight with the couple would end the moment he took off from the jeepney. However, the two followed him and the girl started to attack and slap him in the face.

The guy told the student that he won’t fight back but he is willing to have a fist fight with her boyfriend, who that time has pushed him already.

Here’s a screenshot airing the side of the couple:

PUP Student Jeep Fight

PUP Student Jeep Fight 2

PUP Student Jeep Fight 3

Their argument just ended when a traffic enforcer meddled in.

The said encounter seems like an everyday issue considering that many people are riding public transportation. However, things don’t need to go out of hand. We can always be civilized and be human enough to consider other passengers. While we don’t favor the guy who shared this story in social media, a better attitude is expected from students.

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