Former Miss International Precious Lara Quigaman stirred controversy and received negative comments from netizens following her Instagram posts while Pope Francis was in the Philippines.

The former beauty queen posted images containing Bible quotes on January 17, the 3rd day of the papal visit.

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Though Quigaman did not directly denounce Pope Francis, her social media posts left a hostile impression on netizens as they gave her negative feedback.

“She could’ve posted this on a different day and not during these times when people are in so much awe of the Pope’s presence. She’s trying to imply something with this post,” an Instagram user said.

“Wow, perfect timing? We know what this means, sad,” another internet user commented.

However, the former beauty queen seemed not to be affected with her bashers. She even said in another Instagram post that she respects Pope Francis and is “grateful to him for bringing hope to our kababayans and making a lot of us smile.”

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Even with the flak she received online, Quigaman still has a fair share of supporters.

“There is nothing offensive in this. Pope Francis will even agree to this. 🙂 That’s also the reason why the pope came to the Philippines. So chill. We’re all in this together,” an IG user said.

“It’s not surprising some may think that way and miss out the point, but I’m truly amazed by your strong words ms. @laraquigaman. By weighing their words to yours, your words stood out. Keep on posting bible verses – they came from God’s word after all, not just from somebody else,” another one commented.

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