Photo credit to Supreme Court
Photo credit to Supreme Court

MANILA, Philippines – The controversy regarding the alleged misappropriation of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or the pork barrel which stuns the executive and legislative divisions has finally stretched to the Supreme Court after a senatorial candidate asked to pronounce PDAF as unconstitutional.

Atty. Samson Alcantara, a losing senatorial candidate and the president of the Social Justice Society, filed a nine-paged petition on Wednesday asking the high tribunal to stop the Senate including the House of the Representatives from seizing millions of funds from the pork barrel.

“The pork-barrel system allows the perversion of taxation by providing opportunities for the members thereof to gorge themselves in funds collected pursuant to tax legislation they have enacted purportedly for the public good,” Alcantara noted in his petition.

Alcala also added that the said PDAF system is a derision of the legitimate mandate on honesty, accountability and integrity of public officials.

Moreover, he further said that the system consents the Executive department to control lawmakers, hence, disrupt the constitutional code on the separation of powers.

Additionally, the petitioner noted that President Benigno Aquino III’s declaration on the abolition of the controversial pork barrel has no vibrant guarantee that the PDAF would be eradicated in whatsoever formula.

“But all these marches, demonstrations and rhetorics, no matter how righteous, can settle with finality the constitutionality and legality of this pernicious legislative practice called pork barrel except through the exercise by this Honorable Court of the judicial power,” said Alcantara.

Written by:

Alfred Mark Rosete
ABCom, Leyte Normal University