A personalized white Lamborghini superstar was given to Pope Francis on Wednesday, but instead of giving up his trademark popemobile, the pope put the car in auction to raise money for charity.

Pope Francis blessing the car before it was sent off to the auction house.
source: google.com

Before it was sent to Sotheby’s auction house, the Huracan sports car, which boasts a 610 metric horsepower was blessed by the pontiff who bent to scrawl his signature on its gleaming bonnet.

The money raised will go to four charitable projects including one aimed at rebuilding the homes and churches of persecuted Christians in the Nineveh Plains in Iraq.

The Lamborghini will also help fund an Italian association helping victims of human trafficking and prostitution.

According to reports, it was not the first time the Argentine has received a high-speed gift since in 2014 he was given a Harley Davidson motorbike and jacket, both of which he auctioned for charity.


Reported by: Hennah Bagalan and Regine Burce



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