Northern Ireland, United Kingdom – An exploding device detonated near a busy restaurant in Belfast Friday night as the Police Service of Northern Ireland went to clear the area later reporting that no one got hurt in the bombing.


The explosion realized minutes before 7 in the evening (1900 GMT) in the city’s Cathedral Quarter flocked by Christmas shoppers and people enjoying nightcap events.

 An armed policeman speaks to a member of the public near the scene of an explosion in Belfast's Cathedral Quarter

Police officers say that the device “could have killed or maimed anyone nearby.” After the explosion, about 1,000 people were affected by the evacuation and cordoning off of the area.


Consequently, the police authority immediately indicated they do not know who could have been behind the suspicious Christmas bombing.


Decades of “Troubles” were endured by Northern Ireland from armed groups pursuing the country’s unity with the Republic of Ireland and other rival groups seemingly determined to keep Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom together waging violent campaigns.


The Troubles widely came to a cease with a Good Friday Agreement contracted in 1998, yet Northern Ireland is still continuously being harassed by occasional occurrences of sectarian unrest and random attacks by factions who were against the agreement.


Before the explosion took place, a strange phone call warning was made to a newspaper saying the device was left in a hotel suite when it was actually left on the sidewalk next to a restaurant.


Chief Superintendent Alan McCrum said in a statement after the bombing, “This was an attack on the people of Belfast going about their normal lives on a busy night for socialising in the city. This attack ruined the night out for these people,”
Further stating his reactions on the event, he said “Those who carried out this attack have nothing to offer except disruption and destruction.”


Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers called the attempt of bombing to be “deplorable” and uttered that a small attack aiming to trip the economic progress of Belfast would not succeed at all.


“On one of the busiest nights of the year with people enjoying the festivities ahead of Christmas, as well as those in the final stages of Christmas shopping, it shows that these terrorists are stooping to a new low,” she said in a statement concerning the failed attempt of bombing.


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