Pokemon has been a very famous, classic Nintendo game. Now, it has been made available to iOS and Android users – thanks toits developer – Niantic Labs! Using your smartphone’s camera, GPS feature and internet connection, you can now catch a Pokemon while you walk around. Just watch your smartphone and be vigilant on your surroundings. With this game, you’re always up for a rare Pokemon encounter.

The game has been rolled out already. But, as the game suffered from server issues, Niantic CEO John Hanke said that they’ve temporarily stopped the game’s rollout on other countries. Take note, its server has been overloaded even when it was just the first day that the game has been rolled out. That’s how popular this game is!

As of the moment, the game can only be played on selected countries. It was already launched in Australia, New Zealand and, later on, in the United States last July 6.

Niantic is already fixing the issues that users get while playing. According to Niantic’s representative: “We have been diligently working to resolve the server issues and will continue rolling out Pokemon Go to new countries in the coming days.”

Even with regional restrictions, some people found a way on how to play Pokemon Go in the Philippines. Social media was slowly filled with posts and screenshots of Filipino “trainers” who were boasting about the Pokemon they caught.

But, the enjoyment of Filipino trainers were cut short when Pokemon Go appeared to be blocked already. They could no longer see any Pokemon to catch. Others can’t access the Pokemon shop. And worse, there are those who can no longer run the app.

Now, every Pokemon fans in the Philippines are back in the waiting game. There has been no official statement from the Pokemon company and from Niantic Labs as to the exact date of the launch here in the Philippines. Just be patient as it will be available soon.

On July 7, MMDA has even posted a reminder to people who will be playing Pokemon Go:

Do you think that Pokemon Go is one of the reasons why MMDA has been acting fast in clearing the streets all over Manila? This can be a good sign! (LOL) We might not know, a legendary Pokemon might show up somewhere soon! The TatlongBibeperhaps ?Psyduck, Golduck… Where’s the third one again?!?!?Or, we might discover that it’s actually a Snorlax that’s causing the heavy traffic on EDSA!!