Screen Grab from Liezl Gonzaga Baliber's Facebook
Screen Grab from Liezl Gonzaga Baliber’s Facebook
 Isa na namang OFW ang nananawagan ng tulong sa social media matapos abusuhin ng amo sa Saudia Arabia.

Jasmin Vergara, an OFW based in KSA, took to Facebook to ask for help, saying she has suffered from abuse since first arriving in Saudi Arabia in 2012. In her video pleas posted on her friend’s—Liezl Gonzaga Baliber—Facebook account, Jasmin recounted her physical and sexual abuses inflicted on her by her employers. She has been forced to perform sexual acts against her will, with refusal leading to her being beaten.

In a series of videos shared online, Jasmin tearfully recounts how her female employer’s husband gave her a cellphone, which she didn’t think anything of, assuming it was just a kind gesture. However, her female employer learned of the gift and beat Jasmin for it. Her employer’s son would also frequently molest and harass her as he pleased; whenever she refused favors, he would mercilessly slap her.

Despite these blatant abuses, Jasmin hesitates to report her situation to the authorities out of fear the Saudi government would side with her employers, leading to her unjust incarceration. All Jasmin wants now is to go home safely.

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