The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) has warned the region last September 19, 2017 that a major earthquake may hit Eastern Visayas.

Renato Solidum
Phivolcs Director Renato Solidum says government leaders must plan for scenarios involving 2, maybe 3 disasters at a time.

PHIVOLCS has expressed their fears that Eastern Visayas may experience its own ‘The Big One’ if the Philippine Trench which passes through the region becomes active.

Visayas Trench

According to Renato Solidum, Director of PHIVOLCS, if the Philippine Trench will be able to record a 7.9 magnitude earthquake there will be a possibility that a tsunami will hit Eastern Samar that can reach up to 9 meters and in Leyte that can reach up to 4-5 meters.

If the earthquake will be in the center of Dinagat and Samar, a possible tsunami may hit Leyte that can reach up to 4-7 meters and in Northern Samar that can reach up to 8-9 meters.

Distribution of Active Fault Line in Region 8

Faults in Region 8 - 1

Faults in Region 8 - 2

Faults in Region 8 - 3

PHIVOLCS explained that they are not putting fear to people but for them to prepare in the worst things that can happen. They also reminded them to stay calm but to be ready at all times.

Reported by: Chloe Anne V. Bual and Francia Kaye Uyvico

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Image Source: Philstar, DOST, PHIVOLCS

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