Philippines has banned the mandatory use of high-heeled shoes among female workers under a government order.

It is to put an end to the pain and to improve the health of workers who stands for long periods. Employers should enforce the use of ‘practical and comfortable footwear’, as stated in the order, which pertains to heels measuring 1 inch or higher unless female workers chooses to wear it.

The order stated that female sales clerks and security guards who are obliged to wear high heels while working suffers aching muscles, sore feet and dangerous pressure on joints.

“These [work shoes]should not pinch the feet or toes; are well-fitted and non-slipping; provide adequate cushion and support to the arch of the feet; either flat or with low heels that must be wide-based or wedge type,” Alan Tanjusay, spokesman for the Associated Labor Unions, told Agence France-Presse.

“It’s a form of torture. It’s a form of oppression and slavery. Imagine having to endure that pain for 8 to 10 hours a day, it’s also a form of sexism because culturally employers say women wearing high heels look taller and sexier and are then more attractive, more effective in selling products. They don’t know the women are suffering.” Tanjusay added.

However, female employees can still wear high-heels if they prefer them as stated in the department order.

Reported By: Francia Kaye Uyvico and Chloe Anne Bual

// F.K.U

Source: ABS-CBN NEWS and Manila Times

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