MANILA, Philippines-Amid surging protests on the equally increasing power rate that will take December this year, Malacanang Palace on Tuesday has maintained that the investigation by the Department of Energy and the Office of Competition of the Department of Justice will be “consistent and evidence based,” this even another form of protest is boiling against Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) chief Zenaida Cruz-Ducut asking her to resign or take a leave.

The call for Dacut’s resignation rose on the alleged collusion among power plant operators.

“About that issue, the President’s view is consistent and that we are evidence based. Since a complaint is already filed, let’s leave the process to the Office of the Ombudsman because there will be a resolution on it,” palace spokesman Sonny Coloma said.

Asked if what was Aquino’s advice to Ducut in view of the public clamor for her to resign, Coloma said, likening the issue to resigned Custom’s Commissioner Ruffy Biazon, that the government has no “legal compulsion” for her to take a leave or resign.

“ Former congresswoman Ducut has a fixed term in her current office. This we hope the public will understand her current circumstances. The reason why today we are leaving the decision to her, while we are also paying attention to various calls on this situation,” said Coloma.

Pressed on whether  Malacanang felt any “pressure” from the mounting protests, Coloma answered, saying: “ In a vigorous democratic country, many voices and opinions are heard, and what is important is for the government to do its job of allowing these views to be heard in a democratic way.”

“After this, everyone—those who are elected and appointed- will be answerable to their constituents through the decision of the court,” Coloma said.

Coloma added President Benigno Aquino has made a review on the study of the Energy department on the power rate increase.