MANILA, Philippines-Malacanang Palace said the country under Pres. Benigno Aquino III has progressed amid various natural and man-made disasters this year.

“The past year has been a remarkable year for the Filipino people: one in which the President showed his indomitable will to lead the nation forward, and where the mandate for change was renewed in the year’s midterm elections. It has been a year wherein the foresight and prudence of the President and his team—holding fast to the long-term vision of a more prosperous, stable, and dynamically competitive Philippines—has been upheld time and again.”

“ It has been a year of challenges not only for the Administration but also for the Filipino people—another year where our collective commitment to persevere and to stand shoulder to shoulder enabled us to overcome the trials set before us, thus making the world admire and respect us all the more,” said Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte Saturday on a government radio, reading the introduction of the infographic prepared by the government for  the public.

According to Valte, the government has provided the public with an infographic showcasing the  country’s successes to cap 2013.

 “…From spurring economic growth, expanding social services, enhancing peace and security, combating corruption and instituting greater reform in government, as well as to ensuring that our countrymen rise from the rubble of manmade and natural calamities to live more productive, dignified lives. The infographic has been prepared by the Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office, and the Office of the Presidential Spokesperson.”

Said infographic is published on the Official Gazette .

Our achievements only tell us that nothing is impossible to the Filipino people, Valte added.

On the challenges faced by the Aquino administration in 2013, Herminio Coloma Jr., Presidential Communications Operations Office head, said  the government has “ attained consecutive high rates of economic growth making us the fastest growing country in Asia largely on account of good governance and political stability.”

“ This was also achieved against backdrop of successive and overlapping natural disasters,” Coloma said.

“Concretely speaking, we started the year with rehabilitation reconstruction for typhoon ‘Pablo’ damage, because it was on December 2012 that it happened and its reconstruction started on the first quarter of 2013. Then we had monsoon rains and floods in Metro Manila and nearby provinces in August,” Coloma said.

Adding on these are the Zamboanga standoff in September,  typhoon “Santi” in Central Luzon and Northern Luzon in October, Bohol-Cebu magnitude-7.2 earthquake in October 15,  and the  “Yolanda” in November 8.

While political challenges include the Sabah incursion by followers of Sultan Kiram of Sulu in February , the death of a Taiwan fisherman off Balintang channel in May, and the “pork barrel” scam.

On these issues, Coloma added Pres. Aquino is not mindful on his satisfactory survey results.

“We still have to surmount major challenges in terms of implementing the reconstruction and rehabilitation programs. It is much better to focus on our works that need to be done.”