Top Rank Promoter Bob Arum with PH Boxing hero Manny Pacquiao (Photo credits to stokers blog)

There is a deafening silence at the house of the boxing legend.

Philippine boxing hero and Saranggani Representative Manny Pacquiao are, up to now, undecided when and who to fight in his next ring bout, and this worries Top Rank big boss Bob Arum, his promoter.

In his media interviews yesterday, Arum said he has no choice but to re-schedule Manny’s fight on November 10 to December 1, this year.

“There’s just too much on his plate,” Arum said when asked about details on Pacquiao’s ring return.

The Manila learned that Pacquiao is now busy attending not only his congressional duties but also his series of outreach programs. Likewise, the Pinoy boxer turned politician presides over outdoor meetings, gospel-preaching and television show hosting commitment during weekends.

Observers opined that Pacquiao is now torn by his future political plans as he think of running for the gubernatorial post in Sarangani province in 2013 national elections or seek another term as representative of the same province.

Arum appeared to be uneasy that Pacquiao, up to now, undecided who to fight among the three names he gave to Manny: Tim Bradley of America, Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico and Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico.

The 80-year-old Hall of Fame promoter, who visited Pacquiao all the way down from the US to General Santos City early this month supposedly to discuss regarding their next move, said he has still to wait Pacman. “I am still waiting for his decision, our earlier talks hasn’t reached finality.”

To recall, Pacquiao suffered a controversial 12-round split decision to Bradley last June 9 and while there is a rematch clause between them, the Filipino appears to be cool on the idea of facing someone many believed he had already beaten.

Pacquiao’s fight with Bradley only garnered more than 700,000 buys on pay-per-view, figures that pale in comparison with his previous fights with marquee fighters that have grossed somewhere between 1.2 million to 1.4 million subscriptions.

Speculations spread like wildfire that Manny won’t fight again this year because of the risk of sustaining injury that could jeopardize the grand plans of fighting Floyd Mayweather in April or May, 2013.

Arum, however, said Pacquiao cannot be forced to fight. “All we have to do is to wait for Manny’s decision,” he said.