The boxing world has awakened once again thanks to the highly anticipated Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight this coming May, and both camps have been hitting on each other with all sorts of trash talk.

Photo credit: When in Manila

But in this round, its seems like Team Manny scores big-with Manny himself wearing a statement shirt showcasing an image of the video game icon Pacman eating a dollar sign. This is a definitely epic way to trash rival Floyd Mayweather, who goes by the “$” as his moniker.

Of course, Pacman fans are looking forward that this shirt will prove true in their upcoming fight.

However, the trending statement shirt happens to be farce-reports say that the icon on the shirt was just edited via Photoshop on another image of the famous boxer. Regardless, the shirt is has already been well-received by both boxing and non-boxing fans, especially Pacquiao’s supporters.

The soon-to-be historic fight between the two boxing legends is set on May 2, and ticket prices have already soared up to $100,000 per seat. Even Pacquiao himself is having difficulty getting tickets, since the bout is managed by Mayweather Productions.

“Yung dating complimentary tickets ngayon wala na,” he said. “Naghahanap nga ako ng ticket din.”


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