Two male Filipino nurses have pleaded guilty to a felony charge for inflicting mental suffering on an elderly patient.

Alfredo Ruiz and Russel Torralba, both 42, were arrested and charged after they were caught in video engaging in a sexual misconduct while attending to a bedridden 99-year-old female patient in 2011.

It was also reported that the two touched their patient, who could not speak, while fondling each other and engaging in oral sex.

San Diego 6 reported that “surveillance video footage showed Torralba fondling Ruiz on multiple occasions in 2011 in the victim’s room.”

Legal counsel for the defendants argued at a preliminary hearing in 2013 that there was no evidence that the female patient suffered injuries, was neglected or was even aware of the nurses’ actions.

The attorneys however acknowledged their behaviors as “inappropriate.”

Meanwhile, Judge Lorna Alksne dismissed one count of lewd and lascivious behavior filed against the Filipino nurses, but commented that both showed “a complete disregard” for the standing of their profession in society.

Torralba and Ruiz will be sentenced on March 30 and were also stripped of their licenses.


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