Manila, Philippines -Citing information shared by a reliable source, overseas Filipino worker (OFW) Rodelio ‘Dondon’ Lanuza, now 38

OFW in Saudi death row Rodelio 'Dondon' Lanuza, now 38 years old, in a photo taken sometime on June 2013
OFW in Saudi death row Rodelio ‘Dondon’ Lanuza, now 38 years old, in a photo taken sometime on June 2013 at Dammam Central Jail, Dammam-Saudi Arabia

year old, who was in Saudi death row since August 2000 for accidental killing of a Saudi national, could be freed soon, according to a migrant leader and spokesman of Mr. Lanuza and family.

Migrante leader John Leonard Monterona, also spokesman for Mr. Lanuza and his family, said, “Our source, who requested not to be named, shared to us the information that Mr. Lanuza could be released in a week or two from today.”

Monterona said prior to the information shared by their source, they are expecting Mr. Lanuza’s release will be during or after the Ramadan’s Eid el Fitr -that is either on the second or third week of August.

On Friday (July 26), an official of the Saudi Reconciliation Committee (SRC) conveyed to Lanuza that his case files along with the completed, court-affirmed Affidavit of Forgiveness issued by the Saudi family were already forwarded to the Emir’s office and were received by the Emir’s deputy.

“There is only one remaining important requirement –that is the required clearance from the Ministry of Interior (MoI). The Emir’s office will forward Mr. Lanuza’s complete case files to the MoI and will request for the issuance of clearance for Mr. Lanuza,” Monterona explained.

Upon receipt of the clearance in favor of Mr. Lanuza from the MoI, the Emir’s office will then send an order to the police and jail authorities in Dammam to arrange and effect Mr. Lanuza’s deportation, according to Monterona.

In a related development, Lanuza’s kin today send a letter to the Department of Foreign Affairs-Office of the Undersecretary for Migrant Workers Affairs (OUMWA) requesting to prepare and process Mr. Lanuza’s travel documents and airplane ticket.

“We are anticipating his release and deportation anytime soon,” said Mrs. Jovita Lanuza and Jennie Villanueva, Mr. Dondon Lanuza’s grandmother and cousin, respectively.