Young troops fom the 20IB secured the newly found NPA encampment in Catarman Northern Samar Saturday. (Photo by 20IB)
Young troops from the 20IB secured the newly found NPA encampment in Catarman Northern Samar Saturday. (Photo by 20IB)

CATARMAN, Northern Samar – Government forces belong to the 20th Infantry Battalion discovered a freshly-abandoned New People’s Army lair at Sitio Catmaalad, Barangay Mckinley, Catarman, Northern Samar at around 9:30 in the morning of January 26, 2013.

Lieutenant Colonel Noel A. Vestuir, 20IB’s Commanding Officer, in his report to 803rd Brigade Commander, Col. Rolando Malinao, said the camp has 15 hastily destroyed bunkers that can accommodate 15-20 rebels, a kitchen and comfort room, and looks like “freshly” abandoned by the NPA as platoon troops headed by First Lieutenant Raul Delos Santos patrolled the area.

No NPA members, however, was cited in the area when government troops arrived.

A tip from the local residents about presence of armed men extorting money and soliciting food support from the masses prompted the 20IB to launch series of combat operations in this part of the province.

The Army official said the newest seizure of the NPA encampment in Northern Samar is a big blow to the communist terrorists and likewise disrupting their impending terroristic activities in the area.

It is reported that the seized camp might have been one of the many advance bunkers of the Rudante Urtal Command of the Eastern Visayas Regional Party Committee (RUC-EVRPC) previously discovered by the Philippine Army.

The recent accomplishments by the 20IB troops against the NPAs in the 1st district of Northern Samar disrupted the impending terroristic activities being conducted by the NPA guerrillas.

Vestuir thanked the people of Northern Samar in its support and encouraged the remaining members of the New People’s Army to lay down firearms, return to the mainstream of government and live a decent and normal life.

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