Uproar ensued after pictures of teen queen Kathryn Bernardo and teen king Daniel Padilla inside their respective precincts, posing with official ballots were uploaded online.

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Netizens cited that the act was a violation of Comelec’s rule on taking a selfie with your ballot. Some went as far as saying that the stars who are both endorsing the Liberal Party should go to jail for the act.

Kathryn Bernardo with BallotDaniel Padilla with BallotBut as NewsGraph investigates, there’s a chance that these pictures were not in violation of Comelec’s rules.

It’s true that Comelec earlier said that selfies with your ballots are strictly prohibited. In the last election however, Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez clarified on his official Twitter account that voters can take selfies, just not with their “filled up” ballot:

James Jimenez Tweet Ok Picture with BallotSomething that Comelec reiterated this year. It’s legal to take photos of your blank ballot. But once it is already filled out, you cannot take a picture of it, as such action is tantamount to making a carbon copy of it, which is prohibited,” Jimenez explained.

Netizens were also reminded via ABS-CBN’s infographic:

Comelec RulesThe images were taken by the media covering the elections. Bernardo’s picture was uploaded to twitter by ABS-CBN reporter Gretchen Fullido while Padilla’s picture was uploaded by ABS-CBN Facebook page (picture also taken by Gretchen Fullido).

None of these pictures were selfie, and none of these pictures show filled-out ballots.

Comelec is yet to address the issue.

Both Bernardo and Padilla were first time voters.

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