Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) in an interview on Wednesday, August 18, 2017, said that poultry products from all of Eastern Visayas are safe for consumption.Dr. Leo Mira, Head of the Regional Veterinarian Quarantine Services said in a phone interview that the region is doing its job to ensure that no infected animals, specifically poultry products, are transported to our region.

The BAI has already issued a memorandum circular declaring a the temporary ban on the shipment of live domestic and wild birds including poultry meat, day old chicks, eggs, semen and manure from Luzon to Visayas and Mindanao.

The bureau have already positioned check points in port areas such as sea ports and terminals to check on passengers possessing live domestic and wild birds and trucks with poultry products such as eggs, chicken meat, chicks and semen coming from Luzon. According to Mira, as of August 18, 31 apprehensions has been made in the seaports in which 23 of these were live domestic birds such as fighting cocks and hens, while the rest are poultry products such as eggs, chicken meat and chicks.

Mira clarified that only poultry products and chicken meats from Luzon are not safe from the avian influenza and products from Region 8 are safe for human consumption.  No cases in the region have yet been recorded by the bureau.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources, on the other hand, has already started their monitoring of migratory bird sites to monitor the movements of the migratory birds in the areas. The department is also discouraging the citizens to hand over migratory birds which died in their fields, but rather, report incidents of migratory bird die offs to the authorities near you.

The bird flu has now spread from Pampangga to two nearby towns of Nueva Ecija, reports confirmed.


Report by: Bill Germinal, Jhonpaul Lacson

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