Proposals are important especially about marriage. It entails a strong power of commitment, willingness, confidence, and fortitude. A man congregates courage to propose to a woman he loves and is willing to spend the rest of his life. We all know that it is utterly beautiful and such a brave act, right? Mainly appreciating the man’s effort during the proposal preparation until its execution —is lovely!

It is also considered being one of the most overwhelming moments to a woman when a man proposes to her. The woman will be completely caught off guard as the emotions come rushing in while the man kneels down to ask for her hand and marry her. It is undeniably touching and one of the most romantic experiences a couple goes through in a life time.

And sometimes, when we see a couple having a marriage proposal happening in front of us, we can’t help but also feel emotional and be happy for the couple.

Having a new baby is also one of the most amazing occurrences ever that it can bring tears to the child’s parents.

For this instance, this marriage proposal is considered to be a double win. New mom Alizah Rodriguez was in a hospital bed and just gave birth to her new born baby in Albany Medical Centre in New York with boyfriend; Devontae Gonzalez.

Gonzales placed a note with the baby but Rodriquez was distracted by her baby and was overwhelmed by her emotions.

“When the baby was placed in my hands, I first thought the card was just a formality because it had her footprints on it.” -Rodriguez

Until the nurse pointed out the note and she started reading it. Gonzales was as nervous as seen in the video.

“When they brought it to my attention and I began to read it, my eyes began to squint as if I were about to cry but I guess I was so exhausted that my body couldn’t come up with the tears.” -Rodriguez

The note:

Hi Mommy (pertaining as if the baby was the one talking in the letter) I’m so glad to finally be here!

But first things first, a couple of months ago while you were sleeping, Dad was talking to me through the “intermom” and told me to give you a message…

But I forgot so i’ll let dad tell you. Congats Momma.

After Rodriquez read the card, Gonzalez then knelt down and showed a ring and asked her to marry him. Rodrigues answered Yes!

Watch video below:

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