A concerned netizen warned the public on the new modus operandi of snatchers.

A Facebook user called out commuters to be more careful and vigilant when riding a bus. According to her social media post, snatchers are using ketchup to deceive and steal items from their victims.

She even narrated her personal encounter with a man who looked decent when she rode a bus off to Ayala. She explained that the guy tapped and informed her that she has ketchup on her clothes.

Being aware of such modus from snatchers, the commuter just ignored the guy and didn’t bother to wipe the dirt off her clothes. She also didn’t open her bag.

“He even asked me if I had any tissue or handkerchief in which I replied “wala eh. San kaya galing to? Ketchup pa. Kuya bat may stain ka sa pantalon and sa kamay mo?” the Facebook post reads. Her question made the guy nervous and off guard.

Luckily, the concern netizen arrived at her destination safely and without anything stolen from her.

In her post, she also has an advice for other commuters:

“Guys please if something happens like this just let it be. Don’t open your bag because this is a modus of snatchers using either ketchup or spit to get you off guard & then steal your valuables. Better clean it off once you get to a secure and less crowded area rather than have your things stolen.”

ketchup modus operandi

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