It’s common to namedrop famous personalities in order to get away with violations, but in this particular scenario, a traffic enforcer was not shaken by such threat.

An unnamed enforcer was caught on video by netizen Lenard Bernardo, which is now going viral across the internet.

In the video, the enforcer stopped a vehicle in a highway bordering Pasig and Cainta and told the motorist that he is in violation of loading passengers in a “no loading or unloading zone.”

But rather than giving in to the enforcer by handing his license, the driver started yapping about his status and namedropped famous politicians, including Mayor Eusebio of Pasig and having ties with Senator JV Ejercito.

But the enforcer was having none of it and continued to ask for the driver’s license. He then proceeded with issuing a violation ticket, but then the driver still tried to persuade him by offering a bribe.

The enforcer just stood his ground, issued the ticket, and said that it’s his job to do.

Since his name was dragged into the drama, Senator JV Ejercito spoke about the incident and denied knowing or having been associated with the said driver.

“To those asking, Jun – the man caught on cam brazenly violating traffic rules and apprehended by a traffic officer – is in no way connected to me and my Senate office. Yes, Jun is a resident of San Juan. But he was never part of my staff. It is unfortunate that he had to name drop me and my office just to get away with a traffic violation. Just want to make this clear with the video going viral in social media.” Ejercito stated in a Facebook post.

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