CATARMAN, NORTHERN SAMAR— The Provincial Director of the province, PSSupt. Ceasar Tanagan is in hot water after his designated secretary filed a lawsuit against him after an alleged attempted rape.

PO1 Catherine Adrianne Getala Milla, the victim, filed her complaint at the Police Regional Office 8 in Palo, Leyte, alleging that the official attempted to molest her two times in different occasions last August 9 and 10, 2017. According to her, the first attempt happened inside a van while in Bobon, a municipality of N. Samar and the second attempt happened the following day inside Tanagan’s  quarters, which is just a few meters away  from the provincial command office.

In her affidavit, Milla told that Tanagan attempted to molest her first in a van while they were on their way back to Catarman from Bobon N. Samar where she was ordered to seat beside the perpetrator who continually touched her hands, legs and arms and made attempts to touch her private parts despite her refusal.

On board were several other policemen who were Tanagan’s body guards.

Milla also narrated in her affidavit the second time Tanagan tried to molest her in his quarters. According to Milla, she was told by the official to bring him some documents to his room at around 10:00 am that day. When Milla arrived, Tanagan closed the door and held her tight, dragged her towards and pushed her to the bed.

Tanaggan, according to Milla, started kissing her several times that she “could no longer count how many” and tried to undress and touch her private parts. Tanagan however failed to do so after Milla managed to escape from him by continuously kicking and pushing Tanagan away.

Tanagan denied the allegations saying that Milla’s statement is fabricated and that he is ready to face the charges filed against him. Tanagan admitted that he was once charged with same offense during his previous designation but was later on dismissed due to lack of evidences.

Tanagan remains at his position despite of the grievance filed against him. Millan on the other hand was relived from her post temporarily while the authorities are still investigating her complaint against Tanagan.


Report by Bill Germinal, Jhonpaul Lacson

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