The Metro Rail Transit (MRT) experienced another technical problem after it suddenly stopped near the Santolan station south-bound on Tuesday morning, February 17, causing passengers to fall over and get hurt.

Mildred Anyayahan, one of the passengers of the train, told local media that they fell like dominoes when the coach suddenly halted.

“Parang domino effect, nasa bandang harapan kasi ako kaya yung mga nasa likod, dumiretso papunta sa amin sa harapan,” Anyayahan recalled.

She said that most passengers experienced pain and complained discomfort on the hips, back and other parts of their bodies after the incident.

Anyayahan further said that no MRT personnel assisted them at the station when they got off the train.

“Pagdating ng Santolan station, pinababa kami. Wala pong nag-assist sa amin. Pinababa lang kami tapos yung mga kasama ko may iniindang sakit ng hita, ng likod pero walang nag-assist sa amin kahit sino,” she added.

It has been revealed that the train had already experienced the same problem before reaching Quezon Avenue station.

During the incident, the train was carrying many elderly passengers and employees. They however did not file a complaint as most passengers were already late for work, according to Anyayahan.

MRT operations normalized past 11 a.m.
On Monday, the Department of Transportation and Communications recorded at least four glitches that affected the MRT’s operations.
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