Being picture perfect can make anyone go viral in an instant. But what should go beyond the 15 minutes of fame, viral popularity, and a growing fan base? For Jovelyn Toreno, it’s more about reaching for your dreams and making them come true.

Jovelyn was spotted by a couple of netizens at a flea market in Pastrana, Leyte, Philippines. While at first they thought she was just another pretty face managing a “tabo-tabo” enterprise, they soon found out that she actually has a lot to offer, and that the good looks are just the tip of the iceberg.

Jovelyn Toreno is a savvy young entrepreneur who divides her time in Cebu City and her hometown, Pastrana. When not in the flea market, she manages Promote, an online local business promotion site that aims to bring together local business enterprises and their target customers.

Jovelyn Toreno Ukay-Ukay

Jovy Coral

In Promote Jovelyn heads a team of specialists who are working on creative ways to boost local business exposure to the right clients and markets. For her, it’s not really easy to dabble on local markets since these are way too different from how businesses deal online.

“I find it exciting though,” she says. “It’s a challenge to bring local businesses online and help them find their target clients in this platform, but we’re making it work. I believe that we can fuse online and offline business together, and we’re doing that through Promote.”

Jovelyn also says that local business is close to her heart since she was young. “I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, even as a child. Now I’m making my dream come true,” recalls the cum laude graduate, who earned a degree in Management Accounting in Saint Paul’s School of Business and Law in Leyte.

She says her advocacy for local business is also her inspiration in doing hands-on work in flea markets like where she was spotted. “You have to know how the locals do their business,” she continues. “If you don’t spend time with them, you won’t be able to bring them to the kind of success you want them to achieve.”

Source: Rachfeed, Barako News