A netizen shared in social networking site Facebook his experience of perhaps a modus operandi that would victimize motorists while driving.

In a Facbook post on May 11, the driver narrated that while driving along P. Tuazon, he “felt an impact on the passenger side.” When he checked what happened, he “saw a young boy lying along the sidewalk holding his back acting like he’s in great pain.”

It was then that a guy approached and informed him that he hit the boy.

He offered to bring the kid to the hospital for immediate medical treatment even if he wasn’t sure whether he hit him or not.

However, the mother of the “victim” refused as she wanted to wait for the traffic enforcer, who later arrived in the scene with an ambulance. It was only then that the boy was brought to the nearest hospital and when the driver was asked to go to Camp Karingal for investigation.

In his social media post, the driver wrote and explained how he was duped of perhaps a modus operandi that would give the boy, her mother and THE POLICE instant cash:

We arrived at camp karingal and gave my statement, informing them that it is impossible to hit someone from the passenger side while driving in traffic. Investigator told me that regardless if im telling the truth or not still I’m liable for the accident, so I need to wait for the diagnostic on the boy and shoulder everything. The nanay came, Investigator asked the nanay “nasan yung anak mo? Nanay answered ” naiwan na sa bahay at di makalad kawawa nga ang anak ko”. Im not sure if its valid or not, but we pushed thru with the case with nanay giving the testimony. She saw nothing she based her statement from her kabarangay that saw the incident I asked for a witness but the investigator told me that the statement of the nanay is valid enough. The result of the xray is negative from any fracture.

The investigator asked us on how we are going to settle the accident. Then for some reason nanay cried all of a sudden and told the investigator that “ALAM NIYO SIR MAHIRAP LANG KAMI PINAYAGAN KO LANG ANG ANAK KO MAG TRABAHO SA CARINDERIA UPANG MAKAIPON SIYA SA PAGAARAL NIYA” so investigator asked her how she wants to settle it given the fact that I will shoulder the hospital bill. Nanay replied with tears ” SIR SABI KO NGA PO SA INYO NAGTRATRABAHO PO ANG ANAK KO PARA PO MAKAIPON PANG PASOK ANG SABI PO NG TATAY NIYA KAILANGAN IPAHINGA NG 2 WEEKS DAHIL HINDI PO MAKALAKAD SANA PO YUNG ORAS NA HINDI SIYA MAKAKAPASOK MABAYARAN DIN PO, KAWAWA NAMAN PO KASI AT HINDI MAKAKAPASOK.” BOOM instant pang kabuhayan showcase.

To cut the story short I insisted to pay everything but still gave them more than enough money to pay for the bills and medicine just to end it. Therefore we signed the agreement.

While preparing to go home they handed me the copy of the police report and asked me to pay 550php. So I asked them why? They answered ” kailangan po natin ipanotaryo yung police report”. While in big doubt still gave them 1000php. While Waiting for the change one of the investigator told me ” wala po pang sukle sabi po ni chief pang merienda nalang na”


My questions:

1) how can you possibly hit a person using the side of your car while in traffic?
2) given you hit a person running aprrox 10km/h. What kind of injury can he suffer from that will require him to rest for two weeks?
3) for all moms out there, when your kid got hit by a car, will you have 2nd thoughts on bringing him to a nearby hospital instead of waiting for a traffic enforcer?
4) Given the incident, what are the liabilities of the driver if we push thru with the case?
5) is it a requirement to notarize the police report? When do they require a notarized police report?
6) lastly is keep the change really a practice?

Sharing my experience to keep all the motorist to be extra careful.

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