Children of OFW Joselito Zapanta seeking help for their father. The government of Saudi Arabia has deferred the death sentence of Zapanta, while a blood money amounting to P55 million is also needed for his case.

We warmly welcome the decision by the Saudi authorities to suspend the execution of OFW on-death-row Joselito Zapanta.

The suspension will certainly bring ease to the worried Zapanta family, while this will give the Philippine government the time and realization of the need to intensify its efforts to save the life of not only OFW Zapanta but as well as the other OFWs in Saudi death row. As to our latest count, there are still 6 of them on death row and a number awaiting final court ruling.

We reiterate our call to the Aquino administration to form a high-level team of diplomats who will be sent to Saudi Arabia to once and for all look into the individual cases and status of OFWs on death row including of OFW Zapanta, so that they can come up legal actions and strategies to concretize it’s efforts saving the lives our doomed fellow OFWs who were, firstly victims of forced migration.

We are urging our fellow OFWs to keep on praying and contribute in any way, small or big, saving the lives of our fellow OFWs in Saudi death row.

John Leonard Monterona
Migrante-Middle East regional coordinator
Mobile no. 00966 543547736