Meet the sky diving cats from the insurance company Folksam.

Sweden – If you think that the only thing a cat can do is whine and follow you around in the house or lounge freely on your sofa then you are most definitely wrong. Move over Felix Baumgartner, the Austrian skydiver, daredevil and BASE jumper, because here comes the sky diving cats.

Apparently, the ad is for Folksam, one of Sweden’s largest insurance companies. Folksam is one of the largest insurance companies in Sweden. The company headquarters are located in Stockholm. Folksam consists of the two mutual insurance companies Folksam sak and Folksam liv. Folksam is today a Swedish insurance company only, after the sale in 2001 of the English subsidiary Folksam International.

Now, here’s what occurred when Swedish insurance company Folksam asked their customers how they should best advertise their services to their customers. They finally closed the doors to ad agencies and open the door to public’s ideas.

When Swedish insurance company Folksam started asking for advertising ideas they possibly weren’t prepared for their customer Eva’s bizarre request.

Eva, a cat lover, asked to see skydiving cats spelling out her name in the sky while R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” played in the background.

Ever customer-focused Folksam obliged and this is the magical end result.
Folksam is a customer-owned company so this is part of a series of ads inspired by the “bosses” which is of course, the customers.