Marlene Aguilar, sister of OPM icon Freddie Aguilar, deliberately condemned Pope Francis in a series of Facebook posts.

Aguilar, who refers herself as “She Dragon,” called the leader of the Catholic Church a “servant of evil” and “not an ally of good” while calling the pontiff’s followers as “lost souls” and “bunch of idiots” at the same time.


Her several social media posts also include accusations of Pope Francis being involved in scandals and criminal cases. She even shared links containing stories accusing the holiness of criminal charges and doing satanic rituals.


Aguilar’s controversial and demeaning statements have earned the ire of netizens. Several have commented on her posts in defense of Pope Francis. She was called insane and an attention-seeker by some while others asked her to respect the Catholic Church and its beliefs.

However, Aguilar seemed not to be threatened by her bashers. She even encourages netizens to posts their hates on her Facebook wall.


Moreover, Aguilar seemed to be steadfast with her beliefs and even challenged Pope Francis to a sparring duel.


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