Eight-time world division champion Manny Pacquiao fuels the excitement of many who are waiting for his legendary battle with Floyd Mayweather after he tweeted Tuesday that he can easily beat the undefeated boxing icon.

Pacman even mocked Mayweather by saying, “if you care about yourself, you won’t fight.”

In another tweet, Pacquiao confidently said that he will give the boxing world a big upset victory being an underdog.

However, the pound-for-pound king said that he is ready to move on once Mayweather refuse to fight him, Los Angeles Times reported.

“My promoter and I, we’ve already agreed to the terms and conditions of whatever he wants. We’re just waiting on the signed contract from him,” Pacquiao said Monday. “That’s the hard part — if they will fight or not. We have to know soon, because if they will not fight, we can move on and choose another opponent. We have a deadline … this month,” Pacquiao said.

Mayweather, who have been mocking Pacquiao in social media in the past, haven’t said a word yet since the Filipino boxer posted the above tweets.

The fight between the two legendary boxers has been long anticipated by many and is expected to become the biggest fight in boxing history. Both have impressive professional career with Mayweather, 37, having a record of 47-0, with 26 knockouts; while Pacquiao, 36, has 57-5-2, with 38 knockouts in his resume.

If the fight won’t pursue this year, it seems that fans will have to settle for their celebrated bout in social media. We hope not.

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