Manila Channel is fast growing as an online news site. Recently, it announced that it is expanding its coverage. Aside from delivering news and current events to Filipinos all over the world, it will also be providing travel updates through Manila Channel Travel and Tours.

Manila Channel Travel and Tours will feature the best hotels, restaurants, resorts and remarkable places in the Philippines.  It aims to help Filipinos and travelers know the best travel destination in the country. The news site aspires to be a travel guide to those who want a weekend getaway or a holiday vacation.

Moreover, Manila Channel wants to help resorts, hotels and restaurants promote their services and showcase what they can offer to Filipinos and tourists. In the essence, it will help promote the tourism in the country.

How to get featured in Manila Channel

If you are running a must-visit resort, a top-notch hotel or a wonderful restaurant, it can be featured in Manila Channel. Their team will visit your place, experience your services, taste your sumptuous foods and enjoy everything you have to offer. From there, Manila Channel will publish stories and contents that will benefit your business most.

Manila Channel will ensure that their contents will emphasize the great advantage of visiting your place. Positive reviews and contents will be written about your business so long you deserve it. This will not only make your resort, hotel or restaurant popular but it will also enhance its reputation. Remember, good reviews are tantamount to huge sales.

When people realize that your business has everything they want to experience, wherever it is, it can be their next destination. This is just few of the benefits you can get in being featured in Manila Channel. What are the other benefits then?

The benefits of being featured in Manila Channel

Manila Channel Travel and Tours will not only benefit your business but your potential clients as well. How? Let’s figure out!

  • Online visibility. This is the era of internet and technology and most often than not, individuals who want to travel, stay in a hotel or resort or eat in a classic and tasteful restaurant will use search engines to find a nice place. If your business is not visible online, you cannot expect them to choose your place. This is where Manila Channel comes into the picture. Their SEO experts will help you build your reputation online with the help of keyword, brand name and Google map.

Travel and Tour Online Visibility


    • Keyword. When searching for something over the net, web-savvies use keywords. This may be short-phrased keyword or long-tail keywords. For instance, “travel destinations in the Philippines” is a long-tail keyword used by end users when they want to find the best travel destination in the country. On the other hand, “best hotels” can be considered short-phrased keywords. Whatever the line of your business is, Manila Channel will ensure that it ranks in Google and will be visible to potential clients when they search for your keyword.
    • Brand name. Your brand is your business. Manila Channel will help you establish your brand online. With quality and interesting content about your company, there is no way your brand name will not be popular both online and off.
    • Google Map. This is another reason why your online visibility will improve. When your business gets featured in Manila Channel, it will be visible in Google Map. When this happens, Filipinos and tourists who want to know the location of your business can easily find it.
    • Information-rich. Manila Channel Travel and Tour will broaden the information relating to your resort, hotel or restaurant. It will be possible through content writing. As it featured your business, it will include relevant information about your business such as how to get there, its services, amenities and food specialty. Moreover, the online news site will talk about your customer service and will emphasize why your place is a must-visit.
    • Image-rich. An expert photographer will take photos that will highlight the features of your place and it will be published on Manila Channel. In the cliché, there will be photos that can attest to the beauty and appearance of your business. Eventually, this will excite and interest travelers to check out your place personally and see if the photos did justice to your resort, hotel or restaurant.

In the essence, Manila Channel Travel and Tours is both beneficial for the tourism industry and for Filipinos and tourists. While highlighting the best destinations in the country, the online news site is also delivering ever bit of quality information that is useful for those who want to have fun and relax for awhile. In the cliché, this new offering from Manila Channel is a win-win for everyone. Enjoy!

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