Manila- A man was caught in a raid yesterday for allegations of recruiting at least 10 women for imaginary jobs abroad via social media, only to drug and rape them.

Forty-nine year old Ricardo Arquero Jr. was arrested by the National Bureau’s Anti-Organized and Transnational Crime Division for “sextortion,” as it was said that he also filmed the rapes on his phone and used these to blackmail his female victims.

Agents of the NBI caught the former security guard living in Parañaque in a bust held at the room of a budget hotel in Quezon City. During the raid they discovered videos of Arquero’s victims on his phone and flash drive.

According to the investigator handling Arquero’s case, the “sextortionist’s” latest victim is “Lanie,” from Ilagan, Isabela. Lanie met Arquero last September on Facebook when she was looking for jobs in Singapore. He introduced himself as a former police officer in Alaska, and offered her a job in his mother’s internet shop with a monthly salary of $850. He then promised her the job for a fee of P50,000. However, when they met for a supposed transaction, Arquero took Lanie to a hotel and asked for the money and her documents. He then drugged her and used his phone to film himself while raping her.

In the succeeding months, Arquero would blackmail Lanie by threatening that he would post the rape video of her on Facebook if she does not give him more money. In December, Arquero posted naked photos and the rape video of Lanie on her Facebook profile, tagging all her friends including her husband and children due to her inability to give him money.

Lanie said that he also threatened to kill her family, and now she has moved to Manila since her husband already left her and her children have refused to talk to her. This prompted her to go to the NBI for help, and where a bust was staged in the budget hotel.

During the bust the agents were able to catch Arquero with her, where he claimed to be her boyfriend.

Arquero is now facing charges of illegal recruitment, grave threat, estafa, voyeurism, robbery-extortion, and six counts of rape.

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