Jian’s wife, before and after surgery. (Screengrab of photo from KTLA video clip)

EVER heard of the famous Pinoy joke “I will sue you for illegal possession of ugly face?”

It is a favorite line among friends who wants to crack a joke to break the serious mood and or sometimes seriously commented to a person having unpleasant face features.

But in China, this adage is not anymore a joke. It recently happened for a couple who went to court after the man sued his wife for allegedly having of an “ugly face.”

Surprisingly, the man apparently won the case and had the huge payout of $120, 000 settlements from the girl’s camp.

News portal around the world published the story and the photo of the girl as shown in the right upper corner of this article.

The full story has taken place in the land of China and the unusual court ruling. It all started after the girl (named still unknown despite the appearance of her faces in the web) got pregnant and delivered her first baby.

The husband Jian Feng doesn’t treated the baby as his own and described the baby, a girl, ‘incredibly ugly’ and suspects that he is not the father because the physical outlook of the baby is far look like him.

And so, Jian began to accuse his wife of cheating on him. After months of heated arguments, Jian filed a formal complaint and brought the matter to the court.

It is at this time that his wife couldn’t take the strain anymore and decided to explain everything in court.

According to the wife, she hadn’t had an affair, but “the reason their daughter looked nothing like her was because in fact she’d spent $100,000 on dozens of plastic surgery procedures to transform her looks,” the wife confessed without telling her hubby about her little makeover.

The Chinese man claimed to the court that he was deceived and duped by his wife that she is beautiful but without the aid of a plastic surgery, she very ‘ugly.’

Still, he cannot accepted the girl and his baby, the man divorced his wife and wins the whopping payout, which was awarded by a male judge.

At press time, it was not clearly updated if the girl has an outstanding “appeal” to question the court’s decision and if she asks for some financial support for the baby.

This story is highly sensational and the court’s ruling on the particular case may not be the same to the principle and ruling of other courts around the world.