Manila, Philippines – After a long trip abroad, man receives his Globe billing statement on mobile phone internet amounting up to a staggering Php3,272,623.00.


Elmer de Guzman, happened to be back recently from his trip abroad, looked like he waited for a finance breakdown after receiving his billing statement concerning his mobile internet service consumed alongside his trip months ago.


This was said to be confirmed when Elmer posted details of his stunning billing statement on Facebook. A breakdown of his mobile phone internet bill components during his trip abroad was also provided, proving something quite unbelievable.

3Million Globe-bill

This time it’s not fake, amounting up to Php3,272,623.00, the Globe bill statement detailed how did it become that costly.


According to the breakdown page of the billing statement, majority of the cost was part of the volume of bandwidth consumed charged by DU Telcom of UAE. Both of the highest reaching up to P500k was for almost 2GB worth of data. Further explaining, the 2GB worth of data consumed ran for almost 24 hours on each session. Statements guess that the part must have been used on tethering the mobile internet on a WiFi hotspot shared on certain devices.


Apparently, Elmer de Guzman subscribed and acquired the service of Globe’s BDUP or Bridge DataRoam Unlimited Plus which for just $55, a 5-day unlimited mobile surfing in selected partner telephone companies of countries, including DU Telcom of UAE, can be enjoyed. Consequently, many said that the subscription didn’t activate, but Globe dealt on it accordingly when he was charged for it.


‘At stake here in this incident is whether Globe’s Fair Usage Policy is at work. Considering Globe encourages consumers to “Go unlimited on Facebook, Twitter, email, and web browsing while travelling abroad. No surprises, no bill shock!” they are still responsible for their words.’


‘Globe can do the right thing and reverse the charges by DU Telcom regarding mobile internet. And there’s still the P400k Roaming Call charges Elmer has to worry about and work out though.’ say a concerned netizen.


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