On his third day of campaign for the 2016 National Elections, vice presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos seemed to be getting full support from the region his father, the late President Ferdinand Marcos hailed from. The so-called “Solid North” vote was becoming apparent, as even the administration mayors in the province of La Union are giving him their blessing.

This statement was made by no other than Mayor Pablo Ortega of San Fernando, La Union.

The long-time politician said that he and the rest of the Ortega clan will be supporting Marcos for his VP bid, even if they are under the Liberal Party. And he assures that this goes the same for the other LP mayors in La Union.

“Most of us are in LP,” he said. “All mayors in the district belong to LP. But all of us are for Bongbong Marcos.”

“(But) for president,” he clarified. “Most of the mayors are Liberal, so they are for Mar Roxas.”

Marcos toured the province together with the Ortega brothers, who have ruled the La Union for a century already, hence they are dubbed as the longest running political clan in the nation.

Marcos was welcomed with open arms in his hometown of Ilocos Norte, as well as in La Union, where he was greeted by staunch supporters. Some of them have been long advocated of Ferdinand Marcos, while others relate to Bongbong for being a fellow Ilocano.

What about Miriam? While not present during the La Union tour, Bongbong assured that he is campaigning for his running mate during his visit in the province. “Nandito naman ako na p’wedeng kumampanya.”


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