A care for humanity and good Samaritans are not dead after all.


This has been proven when a certain Mimi Lizada Bhatti uploaded a photo in social media with a caption that explains how a fast-food restaurant in SM Bacolod City showed a kind gesture to a starving woman.

Bhatti explained that she was eating in Jollibee when a woman approached a crew cleaning the table in front of her. Though she was not sure what the two have talked about, she believed that the woman asked permission from the crew if she can eat the left-over.

It seems that the crew granted the woman as she picked the small piece of chicken after the crew left the table. Bhatti described the woman as “apparently tired looking hungrily at the counter.”

Moments later, Bhatti saw the crew and the store’s manager discussing together with the guard joining in. She was thinking that they would throw the woman out from the fastfood. But that didn’t happen as the woman decided to leave the place.

To Bhatti’s surprise, a waiter followed the woman and asked her to return to the store with a one-piece chicken meal awaiting her return. She later found out that it was the manager who paid for the meal.

Bhatti also showed her kind spirit as she asked a waiter to give the woman her burger.

Now, will the manager get fired for allowing a poor woman to eat inside the store?

A former manager at Jollibee said that they are allowed to let people from all walks of life eat inside the store so long it is not a left-over.

As of this posting, the uploaded photo has over 13,000 likes and 1, 299 shares. It also received good feedback from netizens.


Some netizens who commented on the post identified the manager as Ronmark Benedicto.


We can only hope that such kindness will continue regardless how difficult life can be. Good work!

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