“Eye-balls” or meet-ups have always been a thing since time immemorial. Indeed, friends and lovers have been connected through simple meet-ups after becoming close through snail mail correspondence, phone conversations, SMS texting, and online chatting.

Ryan Yap

But eye-balls can also be a prelude to illicit affairs-but this latest revelation on Facebook just beats everything else.

Meet Ryan Tan. In the photos he just looks like the regular “kuya” you can find anywhere. He’s not a standout, not a celebrity, not even someone famous, but just take a look at the girls by his side.

Pretty girls. Young girls. And by young, we mean underage.

According to sources, Ryan has this habit of meeting up with young girls and taking them out on dates. There were allegations from some of the women he have previous met that he likes to get touchy with them, and if they fall prey to his intentions he takes them into a motel.

His photos with the girls he went out are already making rounds on social media, not because of his obsession with May-December love affairs but more because he just shows that he’s a fine candidate for charges such as statutory rape or qualified seduction.

This is also a call to action for parents of teenage girls-at times like this, they should know how to protect their daughters from such predators, like that of Ryan Yap.

Source: Facebook

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